Commander Alirio Orduna (Father)

with Chief Exectuvive Officer X.O.

Osbert Orduna (Son)

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NYNMYC - Commander's Log

Commander's Log

Activities by year: All, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

Dec 21/07

Cadet's Christmas Party [Photo]

Dec 8/07

American Golden Mothers recognition during the New York Youth Cadets graduation by Commander Orduna. [Certificate]

Nov 17/07

Lincoln Center, NY [Photo]

Nov 16/07

PS 19, Recognition Ceremony [Photo]

Nov 7/07

Union Turnpike Ceremony [Photo]

Nov 6/07

USMC Band at Liman College [Photo]

Nov 4/07

St. Alban's VA Hospital [Photo]

Nov 3/07

Marine Corp Ball [Photo]

Oct 28/07

Annual Weekend Boothcamp Training, Staten Island [Photo]

Oct 20/07

Cadet Olga Ruiz's Sweet 16 party [Photo]

Sep 24/07

Jonathan Rivadeneira wake [Photo]

Aug 16/07

Cadets that born to learn and have fun, 12 were invited to participate in the 3rd, annual sporting clays shoot, we enjoy an invigoring 2 days of fun at Mashomack Preseve Club, Pine Plains, N.Y. [Photo]

Aug 7/07

TMR Aquatics Summer Camp Graduation [Photo]

Night Out Against Crime: 110th Precinct Community Council's invited the cadets to participated in crime programs, Highway safety, domestic violance,nad children's safety. Cadets tour and ambulance and a fire engine,also, the cadets learn about bicycle safety, and health screening-first aid. thank you NYPD.

Jul 29/07

As a tradition and a valuable contribution the cadets and cadets color guard opened the annual Colombian Day Parade as a civic participation to demostrated the commitment to our community youth and to all of the participants during the parade.

Jul 10/07

Cadets and volunteers, were invited by Univision to participate in the national live tv. Despierta America show. It was a wonderful experience for all the cadets and volunteers./

Council Member Helen Sears & the New York City Council invited the cadets and color guard to participated in the street renaming in memoriam of Genisis Regalado> Genesis was killed by two gangs cros-fire.

Jun 23/07

Cadets, and Color Guard opened the International Immigrants Day Parade on the Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan, NY. God Bless America

Jun 9/07

Welcome Home!New York Military Youth Cadets, Color Guard and Martching Band partiipated at the " Kick Off" Ceremony to built the Queens Vietnan War Memorial, to honor those Queens servicemen and woman who gave the " Ultimate Sacrifice " during the Vietnan war.

May 28/07

U.S.S.Intrepid Memorial Day Ceremony, 2oth Annual Fleet week, At Central Park, NY.Cadets participated in the official opening ceremony activities with Admiral William J. Fallon,USN, Commander US Central command., Mr. Bruce E. Mosler President and CEO, Cushman & Wakefield, Vice Chairman, Intrepid Museum., Mr. Bill White President of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum., Mr. John Sprung., RADM William KLoner, NYNM, Chaplain,Intrepid Sea, Air, space Museum., Navy Region NorthEast Band., and the 77th, Regional Readiness Command Firing Squad. It was a wondrful experience for all the cadets, officers and parents.

May 25/07

The New York Military Youth Cadets Sponsored the 3rd, Operation Safe Kids-National Missing Children's Day. A public safety event to prevent child's kidnapping. The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association,and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Childrens issue Over 300 youth received a safety document containign the child's photograph, and fingerprints, as well as the child's biographical information, in case the child is missing of abducted, the document can be reproduced immediately for local, state, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

May 24/07

The cadets and Color Guard participated in the annual Memorial Day Remembrance at the Hillcrest Veterans SQ. " Poor is the Nation that has no Heroes, shameful is the one that having them, forgets" Semper Fi.

May 20/07

Memorial Day Ceremony at St. Albans Veterans Hospital,The USO and cadets render honors to our fellow veterans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, thank you brothers.

Apr 8/07

Cadet Reunion [Photo]

Apr 7/07

Former Cadets, Brown and Espinosa, visited the Drill Site, they are serving in the USMC at Camp. Legeune, NC and 225 Garden City, NY [Photo]