Commander Alirio Orduna (Father)

with Chief Exectuvive Officer X.O.

Osbert Orduna (Son)

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NYNMYC - Commander's Log

Commander's Log

Activities by year: All, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

Dec 6/03

Graduation!!! The day we never thought would arrive. Thirty-four Naval and Marine recruits officially became Cadets. Certain Cadets were recognized for their involvement in their perspective communities. These Cadets were awarded numerous Promotions, Ribbons, and Certificates from their command, along with Citations from the State of New York, the Council of City of New York, the Borough of Queens and the United States Marine Corps League. The Commanding Officer Commander A. Orduna presented the Cadets with promotions for their Leadership Qualities, Commitment, and Integrity within the Corps. Many different Certificate and Ribbons were awarded, ranging from awards for Veterans Outreach, Community Involvement, and Good Conduct, to Parades and various Ceremonies, Academic Achievements, Camping, Out of State and Overseas Trips. The New York State Assembly awarded 5 cadets with State Citations for Honorable and Dedicated Service to the people of the State New York and for contributions to the entire community. The Council of the City of New York presented four Cadets with City Citations for their Honor, Respect, Courage, Commitment, Personal Integrity, Outstanding Contribution, and for their Inspiring Leadership and Genuine Commitment to improving their lives. The Queens Borough President presented four Cadets with citations for their Confidence, Direction, Leadership Skills and Contributions to the Queens community. The Marine Corps League awarded two Cadets with Certificates of Recognition for their Dedication, Motivation, and High Spirit to the Corps. The New York Naval & Marine Youth Cadets also received a Proclamation from New York State Senator John D. Sabini, a Proclamation from the New York Assemblyman the Honorable Jose Peralta, and a Proclamation from the New York City Councilman Honorable Hiram Monserrate. We are proud to say that we have four Cadets currently enlisting in the Navy and Marine Corps. We also take great pride in having trained 10 Cadets who are currently serving in the worlds finest United States Navy and as well as a couple of the Few and The Proud, The Marines. We also have one Cadet in the ARMY. Some of our former cadets are currently in Iraq, Afghanistan, and aboard the USS Cole Serving our Country in order to maintain our Freedom and Democracy. To all of our Servicemen and former Cadets, we miss you and our hearts go out to you. You will forever be in our daily prayers. God Bless you and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Nov 20/03

The New York Naval & Marine Youth Cadets was invited by the Councilman the Hon. Hiram Monserrate to City Hall for the Veterans recognition night ceremony. This took place in Manhattan, NY.

Nov 2/03

The New York Naval & Marine Youth Cadets and Color Guard, in conjunction with the Veterans Administration, put together a ceremony for the POW/MIA of this great nation who fought in any war, and who have not been returned to their families.

Oct 28/03

The New York Naval & Marine Youth Cadete's Color Guard was invited by the Boy Scouts of America's annual Fund raising and awards recognition Banquete which took place in Shea Stadium's Diamond Club.

Oct 23/03

The New York Naval & Marine Youth Cadets were Ivited to a ceremony in memory of all the Fallen Marine's who were Killed in Beruit Lebanon during a suicide truck bombing. The ceremony began with a procession followed with the raising and presentation of colors and the reading of each and every Marine, Sailors and Soldier that was killed in Action in the name of Freedom and Democracy. This event was held in conjunction with the Garden City Marine Corps Detachment, the United States Marine Corps League, the American Legion, the Veterans of Fallen Wars, the Vietnam Veterans of America, the Disabled American Veterans, the Jewish War Veterans, and the New York City Police Department. This event took place in Corona, Queens, NY.

Oct 12/03

The New York Naval & Marine Youth Cadets were invited as guests of honor in the official ceremony where the Counciman the Hon. Hiram Monserrate of the City of New York presented a Proclamation, along with the New York State Assembly who presented a Citation which was awarded by the Hon. Jose Peralta. These awards were presented to Batallion Commander Leutenent Coronel GM Ferketich and Sergent Major A. Parker in celebration to welcome home the heroes of Operation Iraqi freedom. This event was called the United States Marines Corps 6th commincation batallion Operation Iraqi Freedom welcome home and Family day celebration which took pace in Floyd Bennette Field Brooklyn, NY. [Certificate]

Oct 11/03

The New York Naval & Marine Youth Cadets Color Guard lead the Astoria Columbus Day Parade, which took place in Astoria, Queens, NY

Sep 21/03

With honor and pride, the New York Naval & Marine Color Guard, and all the Cadets, led the annual Mexican Day Parade on 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY.

Aug 24/03

The Cadets and Color Guard led the New Jersey Dominican Day Parade, at Union City, NJ

The Cadets particpated, at the Hard Rock Cafe, in the Opening Ceremonies for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, "The Power of a Promise" 20 Years Event.

Aug 10/03

The New York Naval & Youth Cadets and Color Guard led the Dominican Day Parade, NY, NY

Aug 7/03

The Cadets and the Color Guard led The City Council Of The City Of New York during the Opening Ceremonies and Proclamation of The Culture & Heritage Of Ecuador, NY, NY

Aug 3/03

The Cadets and the Color Guard led the Ecuadorian Day Parade, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Jul 27/03

The New York Naval & Marine Cadets and Color Guard led the Colombian Day Parade. Four Colombian veterans, including NYNMYC Chief Executive Officer, Osbert Orduna, who participated in the Iraq war, marched with price and honor. Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Jul 18/03

Commander Alirio Orduna, CW02 Terry Callendrillo, and six cadets participated the "Change Of Command Ceremony" at which Commander Garrold, U.S. Navy, relinquishes command of the New York Military Entrance Processing Station to Commander Boone, U.S. Navy, at Fort Hamilton Army Base, Brooklyn, NY.

Jul 17/03

The The New York Naval & Marine Cadets led The Council Of The City Of New York Opening Ceremonies during the Proclamation of Colombian Independence Day, NY, NY

Jul 11/03

The New York Naval & Marine Cadets and Color Guard led the Openning Ceremonies at "Merengue Night at Shea Stadium," Flushing, Queens, NY [Photo]

Jul 5/03

The Cadets provide an Honor Guard to Miss Universe Amelia Vega during her visit to the Jackson Heights and Corona, Queens communities.

Jul 2/03

Fourteen of our Cadets, along with the Leadership Cadre, participated in The Mechanics & Tradesmen Guild's annual July 4th ceremonies. The Guild is a fraternal benevelont association which has been a New York fixture since 1872; it's dedicated to increasing awareness of the mechanical trades, and to aiding the community. [Article]

Jun 28/03

NYNMYC Cadet Michelle Yunda received from Honorable Hiram Monserrate The Paramerican Games Torch on the way to Dominican Republic, at Linden Park, in Corona Queens. The New York Naval & Marine Cadets and Color Guard led the Opening Ceremonies, and, with athletes from ten countries, participated in a tour on Roosevelt Island.

Jun 20/03

June 20-23rd: The NYNMYC Mini Boot Camp at Camp Pouch, Staten Island, NY. Close to fifty Cadets attended this year's mini Boot Camp, successfully completing this requirement toward promotion.

Jun 18/03

Bronx Borough Presiden, Adolfo Carrión and the Cadets at the opening banquet prior to the Bronx Dominican Day Parade, Bronx, NY [Photo]

Jun 8/03

New York City's Puerto Rican Day Parade: Our Color Guard, supported by a full contingent of Cadets, proudly marched up Fifth Avenue in the second largest parade in the United States. We were the 4th organization in the procession, a rare honor, as marching precedence is granted by the Parade Committee as recognition of community service, and marching ability. This detail was led by ENS Rangel, Ship's Bosun, and Gunner Estrada, Asst. Marine OIC. Also, Osbert Orduna, the Chief Executive Officer of the NYNMYC, newly arrived from the war zone in Iraq, was a participant in the parade.

May 26/03

Color Guard for the College Point Memorial Day Parade. Our Cadets provided a Guard Of Honor to active duty USMC and USN units from the USS SHREVEPORT. We were accompanied by the USMC Band, USAR NYC Color Guard, Nassau County Police Pipe & Drum Corps, FDNY, NYPD, Marine Corps League (North Shore Branch), SEABEES from CBREG21, Curtis Sliwa & the Guardian Angels, and a number of local high school bands. Dignitaries included the NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NY's Senior Senator Charles Schumer, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, City Councilman Tony Avella and the Queens Borough Director, Debra Markell Kleinert. Many thanks to the St. Ambrose Council of the Knights of Columbus for providing an excellant lunch. [Photo]

May 23/03

Soldiers Show, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, NY-- The Cadets were delighted to be invited to attend this performance that showcases the talents of America's soldiers, with an evening of patriotic songs, performed to a standard that outshone Broadway finest! [Photo]